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Special Activities




We are now accepting registration for Session 3 starting the week of Feb 1st. If paying for the full session you may take off $5.00 for your first child. This discount may not be used with any other discount.

Join us in the fun with the sport that will enhance and help any other activity!

Gymnastics helps with Brain Development, Math and writing skills. For the toddler and preschool child, all the crawling, rolling & swinging done in gymnastics improves and helps develop the skills your child needs to be successful in life. For all ages we teach life skills, like falling, jumping forwards & backwards, and balance to name a few. A gymnastics base can improve any sport whether it is your back hand in tennis, your jump shot in basketball or throwing and catching the ball in baseball/softball.

KJ's Gymnastics is dedicated to developing the ABCs of your child's athletic and mental ability through gymnastics in a safe and fun way. Agility and awareness; balance, coordination & confidence are just a few of our program components. We also strive to develop strength, posture, self esteem, courage and determination. KJ's training facility has the latest gymnastics equipment for teaching the basics of gymnastics. With wobble beam & bar, sweet spot training devices along with floor mats, balance beams, bars, vaulting and pommel horse, rings and trampolines, we give your child a unique experience.

KJ's offers gymnastics classes for children 18 months (earlier if very active) through adults. We host children's birthday parties and field trips. Private lessons are available for any gymnast needing or wanting additional help. Our monthly Parents Night Out gives parents time to go to dinner or see a movie while we supervise and have fun with the children.